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Dynamic Transcriptome Landscape of Maize Embryo and Endosperm Development1[W][OPEN]
A high-resolution spatiotemporal transcriptome atlas of maize seed uncovers the genetic control of embryo and endosperm development. Maize (Zea mays) is an excellent cereal model for research on seedExpand
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Glutathione: a review on biotechnological production
This Mini-Review summarizes the historic developments and technological achievements in the biotechnological production of glutathione in the past 30 years. Glutathione is the most abundantExpand
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Effects of extraction solvent mixtures on antioxidant activity evaluation and their extraction capacity and selectivity for free phenolic compounds in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.).
Four kinds of solvent extracts from three Chinese barley varieties (Ken-3, KA4B, and Gan-3) were used to examine the effects of extraction solvent mixtures on antioxidant activity evaluation andExpand
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Evaluation of antioxidant activities and total phenolic contents of typical malting barley varieties
Abstract Fourteen typical malting barley varieties from China were evaluated for their DPPH radical, ABTS radical cation and superoxide anion radical scavenging activities, reducing power, metalExpand
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Novel Reassortant Highly Pathogenic H5N2 Avian Influenza Viruses in Poultry in China
There has been multiple evidence that domestic poultry may act as a vessel for the generation of novel influenza A viruses. In this study, we have analyzed the evolution and pathogenicity of 4 H5N2Expand
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The secreted protein discovery initiative (SPDI), a large-scale effort to identify novel human secreted and transmembrane proteins: a bioinformatics assessment.
A large-scale effort, termed the Secreted Protein Discovery Initiative (SPDI), was undertaken to identify novel secreted and transmembrane proteins. In the first of several approaches, a biologicalExpand
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Biotechnological production of pyruvic acid
  • Y. Li, J. Chen, S. Lun
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
  • 1 November 2001
Abstract. Pyruvic acid is an important organic acid widely used in the chemical and drug, as well as agrochemical, industries. Compared with the chemical method, biotechnological production ofExpand
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A combined physiological and proteomic approach to reveal lactic-acid-induced alterations in Lactobacillus casei Zhang and its mutant with enhanced lactic acid tolerance
Lactobacillus casei has traditionally been recognized as a probiotic and frequently used as an adjunct culture in fermented dairy products, where acid stress is an environmental condition commonlyExpand
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High-throughput isolation of Caenorhabditis elegans deletion mutants.
The nematode Caenorhabditis elegans is the first animal whose genome is completely sequenced, providing a rich source of gene information relevant to metazoan biology and human disease. This abundantExpand
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Self-Healing Polymeric Materials Using Epoxy/Mercaptan as the Healant
A self-healing system based on conventional epoxy resin was successfully developed in this work. Epoxy and its hardener mercaptan were microencapsulated as two-component healing agent, and then theExpand
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