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Democracy and Development: Political Institutions and Well-Being in the World, 1950–1990
Introduction 1. Democracies and dictatorships 2. Dynamic of political regimes 3. Political regimes and economic growth 4. Political instability and economic growth 5. Political regimes and populationExpand
Democracy and dictatorship revisited
We address the strengths and weaknesses of the main available measures of political regime and extend the dichotomous regime classification first introduced in Alvarez et al. (Stud. Comp. Int. Dev.Expand
Classifying political regimes
This study presents a classification of political regimes as democracies and dictatorships for a set of 141 countries between 1950 or the year of independence and 1990. It improves existingExpand
Political Regimes and the Extractive Capacity of Governments: Taxation in Democracies and Dictatorships
Recent political and economic transformations in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe have brought about a renewed interest in the incentives and capabilities of different types ofExpand
Government Coalitions and Legislative Success Under Presidentialism and Parliamentarism
Are government coalitions less frequent under presidentialism than under parliamentarism? Do legislative deadlocks occur when presidents do not form majoritarian governments? Are presidentialExpand
Presidentialism, Electoral Identifiability, and Budget Balances in Democratic Systems
  • J. Cheibub
  • Economics
  • American Political Science Review
  • 1 August 2006
This paper examines the impact of the form of government—presidential or parliamentary—on fiscal outcomes in democratic systems. Based on data for democracies in 98 countries between 1970 and 2002,Expand
Presidentialism, Parliamentarism, and Democracy
1. Introduction 2. Presidential, parliamentary, and mixed democracies 3. Are the incentives for coalition formation different in parliamentary and presidential democracies? 4. Are coalitions rare inExpand
Minority Governments, Deadlock Situations, and the Survival of Presidential Democracies
What are the conditions that generate minority presidents, minority governments, and deadlock in presidential regimes? What is the impact of minority presidents, minority governments, and deadlock onExpand