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Applied Production Analysis: A Dual Approach
This chapter discusses the development of flexible forms and aggregation in the context of multioutput technologies and their applications in the production and short-run cost functions. Expand
Acreage Decisions Under Risk: The Case of Corn and Soybeans
An acreage supply response model is developed under expected utility maximization. The resulting framework is used to specify and estimate a system of risk-responsive acreage equations for corn andExpand
Farm Household Production Efficiency: Evidence from the Gambia
This article investigates the economic efficiency of farm households, with an application to The Gambia. The efficiency analysis is conducted not at the farm level but at the household level, thusExpand
Economic Behavior under Uncertainty: A Joint Analysis of Risk Preferences and Technology
A method is developed to estimate jointly risk preferences and technology under general conditions. The approach is illustrated in an application to the analysis of U.S. corn-soybean acreageExpand
On Crop Biodiversity, Risk Exposure, and Food Security in the Highlands of Ethiopia
This paper investigates the effects of crop genetic diversity on farm productivity and production risk in the highlands of Ethiopia. Using a moment-based approach, the analysis uses a stochasticExpand
The Roles of Risk and Ambiguity in Technology Adoption
We study the impacts of risk and ambiguity aversion on the adoption of new technologies, specifically genetically modified (GM) corn and soy seeds. We conduct experiments measuring risk and ambiguityExpand
A nonparametric analysis of technical, allocative, scale, and scope efficiency of agricultural production is presented based on a sample of Wisconsin farmers. The results indicate the existence ofExpand
Risk analysis in theory and practice
The objective of this book is to present this analytical framework and to illustrate how it can be used in the investigation of economic decisions under risk. In a sense, the economics of risk is aExpand
On information and market dynamics: The case of the U.S. beef market
Abstract The paper investigates the nature of dynamic prices and expectations in a competitive market. The approach is applied to the U.S. beef market, which exhibits cyclical patterns andExpand
Applied Welfare Economics and Public Policy
Applied welfare economics and public policy , Applied welfare economics and public policy , کتابخانه دیجیتالی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی و خدمات درمانی شهید بهشتی