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Stacking paleointensity and oxygen isotope data for the last 1.5 Myr (PISO-1500)
Coupled relative geomagnetic paleointensity (RPI) and oxygen isotope records are used to construct RPI and oxygen isotope stacks for the last 1.5 Myr. The coupled correlations are accomplished usingExpand
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Integrated stratigraphy of the Cismon Apticore (southern Alps, Italy); a reference section for the Barremian-Aptian interval at low latitudes
APTICORE at the Cismon Valley (Belluno Basin, Southern Alps) penetrated 131.8 m of pelagic limestones, marlstones and black shales. The cored interval extends from the upper Albian to the lower upperExpand
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Pliocene-Pleistocene ice rafting history and cyclicity in the Nordic Seas during the last 3.5 Myr
A continuous 3.5 Myr IRD record was produced from Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Site 907. A timescale based on magnetic polarity chrons, oxygen isotope stratigraphy (for the last 1Myr) and orbitalExpand
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Adria, the African promontory, in mesozoic Mediterranean palaeogeography
Abstract The orogenic belts encircling the present-day Adriatic Sea are the deformed Mesozoic continental margin of an area known as Adria, the outline of which began to take shape during MiddleExpand
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Geomagnetic excursions and paleointensities in the Matuyama Chron at Ocean Drilling Program Sites 983 and 984 (Iceland Basin)
[1] We report natural remanent magnetization (NRM) directions and geomagnetic paleointensity proxies for part of the Matuyama Chron (0.9–2.2 Ma interval) from two sites located on sediment drifts inExpand
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Reconciling astrochronological and 40Ar/39Ar ages for the Matuyama‐Brunhes boundary and late Matuyama Chron
When five Matuyama-Brunhes (M-B) boundary records from the North Atlantic are placed on isotope age models, produced by correlation of the δ18O record directly or indirectly to an ice volume model,Expand
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Carnian–Norian biomagnetostratigraphy at Silická Brezová (Slovakia): correlation to other Tethyan sections and to the Newark Basin
Correlations of Upper Triassic magnetic stratigraphies from Tethyan sections have been hampered by difficulties with conodont biostratigraphy and taxonomy, and discontinuous sedimentation,Expand
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Late Oligocene to early Miocene geochronology and paleoceanography from the subantarctic South Atlantic
Mi2 as well as several other distinctive isotope events. Our data suggest that the d 18 O maximum commonly associated with the Oligocene/Miocene (O/M) boundary falls within C6Cn.2r (23.86 Ma). The dExpand
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Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous Time Scales and Oceanic Magnetic Anomaly Block Models
Comparison of oceanic anomaly block models in the M0-M29 interval from the Japanese. Phoenix, Hawaiian and Ke-ithles lineations indicates that the Hawaiian block model represents the closestExpand
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Geomagnetic palaeointensities and astrochronological ages for the Matuyama–Brunhes boundary and the boundaries of the Jaramillo Subchron: palaeomagnetic and oxygen isotope records from ODP Site 983
We have measured relative geomagnetic palaeointensity proxies, palaeomagnetic directions, and δ18O for the 700–1100 ka interval from ODP Site 983 (Gardar Drift, North Atlantic), where meanExpand
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