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The holothurinogenins. II. Methoxylated neo-holothurinogenins.
Abstract Holothurin A, on hydrolysis in methanol-HCl (O·2N; 50°) yielded the methoxylated neo-holothurinogenins: 12β-methoxy-7,8-dihydro-22,25-oxidoholothurinogenin (III), its desoxy analog (IV),Expand
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Critical role of the A2 amino acid residue in the biological activity of insulin: [2-glycine-A]- and [2-alanine-A]insulins.
We report the synthesis of [2-glycine-A]insulin ([ Gly2 -A]insulin) and [2-alanine-A]insulin ([ Ala2-A]insulin) in which the indicated amino acid has been substituted for isoleucine found in thisExpand
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Radioactive Tracer Studies of Monolayers
Abstract The composition of built-up calcium stearate stearic acid layers has been studied with Ca45. The results diverge from those obtained by conventional chemical analysis of the floating layersExpand
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Some pharmacologic properties of holothurin, an active neurotoxin from the sea cucumber.
The actions of the steroidal glycoside holothurin on amphibian nerve preparations and a mammalian nerve-muscle preparation have been studied. In general, the saponin has a powerful and irreversibleExpand
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THE blood-brain barrier is a complex biological system which controls the exchange of substances between the plasma and the central nervous system. It consists of several component barrier systems:Expand
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Amino acids in bipolar affective disorders: increased glycine levels in erythrocytes.
The authors measured the concentrations of 20 amino acids in the erythrocytes and plasma of 13 female bipolar patients and 10 female normal controls. The concentration of glycine in the erythrocyteExpand
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Interaction between the A2 and A19 amino acid residues is of critical importance for high biological activity in insulin: [19-leucine-A]insulin.
The replacement of tyrosine at position A19 by leucine in the insulin molecule led to an analogue, [19-leucine-A]insulin [( Leu19-A]insulin), displaying insignificant receptor binding affinity and inExpand
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