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Combustion characteristics of biomass briquettes
Nearly half the worlds population is dependent on wood as their primary energy source. Therefore with deforestation becoming increasingly prevalent in many regions of the developing world, there isExpand
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Tissue distribution of 20 nm, 100 nm and 1000 nm fluorescent polystyrene latex nanospheres following acute systemic or acute and repeat airway exposure in the rat.
Understanding tissue distribution and clearance of nanomaterials following different routes of exposure is needed for risk assessment. F344 female rats received single or multiple exposures to 20 nm,Expand
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Control of NOx emissions of a domestic/small-scale biomass pellet boiler by air staging
Abstract The NOx emissions of a UK-manufactured domestic/small-scale 50 kWth underfeed stoker biomass pellet boiler were experimentally investigated under different air staging configurationsExpand
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An evidence based approach to determining residential occupancy and its role in demand response management
Abstract This article introduces a methodological approach for analysing time series data from multiple sensors in order to estimate home occupancy. The approach combines the Dempster-Shafer theory,Expand
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Co-designing the next generation of home energy management systems with lead-users.
Home energy management systems are widely promoted as essential components of future low carbon economies. It is argued in this paper that assumptions surrounding their deployment, and the methodsExpand
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An overview of CFD modelling of small-scale fixed-bed biomass pellet boilers with preliminary results from a simplified approach
Abstract The increasing global energy demand and mounting pressures for CO2 mitigation call for increased efficient utilization of biomass, particularly for heating domestic and commercial buildings.Expand
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Development of a Semi-Empirical Model for the Combustion of Low-Density Biomass Briquettes for use in the Simulation of Cookstoves
A system and method for automatically discovering accessible services on a computer network and providing automatic access thereto. In particular, a gateway server is provided which periodicallyExpand