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Realization of a three-dimensional spin-anisotropic harmonic honeycomb iridate.
A new iridate structure that has the same local connectivity as the layered honeycomb and exhibits striking evidence for highly spin-anisotropic exchange is reported, suggesting a new family of three-dimensional structures could exist, the 'harmonic honeycomb' iridates. Expand
In Vitro Evaluation of Titanium Exfoliation During Simulated Surgical Insertion of Dental Implants.
The results showed that the different densities of simulated bone material affected the torsional forces associated with implant insertion, but the mechanical factors involved in the implant insertion/removal procedure did not generate wear particles, as confirmed by powder X-ray experiments. Expand
Probing the lower limit of lattice thermal conductivity in an ordered extended solid: Gd117Co56Sn112, a phonon glass-electron crystal system.
This work presents the structure, transport properties, heat capacity, and magnetization of single-crystal Gd(117)Co(56)Sn(112), a complex material with a primitive unit cell volume and low resistivity at room temperature. Expand
Orientation of Organic Cations in Hybrid Inorganic–Organic Perovskite CH3NH3PbI3 from Subatomic Resolution Single Crystal Neutron Diffraction Structural Studies
We report the crystal growth of well-faceted single crystals of methylammonium lead iodide, CH3NH3PbI3, and detailed single crystal neutron diffraction structural studies aimed at elucidating theExpand
Spin disorder and order in quasi-2D triangular Heisenberg antiferromagnets: comparative study of FeGa2S4, Fe2Ga2S5, and NiGa2S4.
The single crystal study reveals that the single-layer S=2 triangular Heisenberg antiferromagnet FeGa2S4 forms a frozen spin-disordered state, similar to the S=1 isostructural magnet NiGa2 S4, suggesting the same underlying mechanism of the 2D coherent behavior. Expand
Fermi surface of the Weyl type-II metallic candidate WP 2
Weyl type-II fermions are massless quasiparticles that obey the Weyl equation and which are predicted to occur at the boundary between electron- and hole-pockets in certain semi-metals, i.e. theExpand
Refinement of ferrous sulfate heptahydrate (melanterite) with low-temperature CCD data
Refinement of the title compound, FeSO4·7H2O, with CCD data at 120 K has led to a fivefold increase in precision over the previously reported structure based on film data. The H atoms have beenExpand
Characterization of novel akermanite:poly‐ϵ‐caprolactone scaffolds for human adipose‐derived stem cells bone tissue engineering
The results indicate that akermanite:PCL composites may have appropriate mechanical and biocompatibility properties for use as bone tissue scaffolds. Expand
A comparison of the structure and localized magnetism in Ce2PdGa12 with the heavy fermion CePdGa6
Abstract Single crystals of Ce2PdGa12 have been synthesized in Ga flux and characterized by X-ray diffraction. This compound crystallizes in the tetragonal P 4 / nbm space group, Z = 2 with latticeExpand
Correlated states in β-Li2IrO3 driven by applied magnetic fields
It is shown that the application of a relatively small magnetic field drives the three-dimensional magnet β-Li2IrO3 from its incommensurate ground state into a quantum correlated paramagnet, Interestingly, this paramagnetic state admixes a zig-zag spin mode analogous to the zg-zag order seen in other Mott-Kitaev compounds. Expand