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Afrotropical Tabanidae (Diptera): the genus Philoliche Wiedemann, subgenus Ommatiosteres Enderlein
The subgenus Ommatiosteres Enderlein of Philoliche Wiedemann is revised and the following six new species are descriptionbed and figured: flava, flavitibialis, londti, omanensis, peringueyi,
Afrotropical Tabanidae (Diptera): the genus Rhigioglossa Wiedemann, 1828 (including Mesomyia Macquart, 1850, as a subgenus)
Eight new species of Rhigioglossa are descriptionbed: andrewesi, capensis, flavibasalis, lineacallosa, milleri, munroi, namibiensis and nitens, and the male of marieps and the female of nyassica are recognised for the first time.
A review of the genus Lilaea Walker (Diptera : Tabanidae)
The genus Lilaea Walker is reviewed and now includes the following subgenera: Alilaea, subgen. nov.; Cyanolilaea, subgen. nov.; Eucompsa Enderlein; Lilaea, sensu stricto; Pareucompsa Enderlein. A key