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Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) Improves Myelination and Recovery after Nerve Injury
This study is the first to demonstrate that vitamin D acts on myelination via the activation of several myelin-associated genes, and paves the way for future randomised controlled clinical trials for peripheral nerve or spinal cord repair.
Vitamin D2 potentiates axon regeneration.
Data indicate that vitamin D potentiates axon regeneration and functional recovery was not impaired by vitamin D supplementation, and pharmacological studies with various concentrations of the two forms of vitamin D are now required before recommending this molecule as a potential supplemental therapeutic approach following nerve injury.
FK506 induces changes in muscle properties and promotes metabosensitive nerve fiber regeneration.
Data indicate that FK506 potentiates metabosensitive nerve fiber regeneration in a rat model of peripheral nerve repair, and pharmacological studies of various dosages and concentrations are required before recommending this drug for therapeutic treatment of nerve injuries.
Cranial reconstruction after a post-craniotomy empyema.
[Repairing the spinal cord with vitamin D: a promising strategy].
A rat model of peripheral nerve trauma is used and vitamin D-treated rats displayed, three months after injury, a significant improvement of ventilatory frequency and a reduction of H reflex indicating functional improvements at three months post-injury.