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Discovery and prioritization of somatic mutations in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) by whole-exome sequencing
It is shown that BCL2 mutations commonly occur in patients with BCL 2/IgH rearrangements as a result of somatic hypermutation normally occurring at the IgH locus, and an algorithm designed to identify likely functionally relevant but infrequent mutations is identified as likely drivers of DLBCL pathogenesis in some patients. Expand
Molecular subtypes of diffuse large B cell lymphoma are associated with distinct pathogenic mechanisms and outcomes
A comprehensive genetic analysis of 304 primary DLBCLs identified low-frequency alterations, captured recurrent mutations, somatic copy number alterations, and structural variants, and defined coordinate signatures in patients with available outcome data to provide a roadmap for an actionableDLBCL classification. Expand
Body-mass index and all-cause mortality: individual-participant-data meta-analysis of 239 prospective studies in four continents
The associations of both overweight and obesity with higher all-cause mortality were broadly consistent in four continents and supports strategies to combat the entire spectrum of excess adiposity in many populations. Expand
Genetic variation in TNF and IL10 and risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma: a report from the InterLymph Consortium.
Common polymorphisms in TNF and IL10, key cytokines for the inflammatory response and Th1/Th2 balance, could be susceptibility loci for non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Expand
Municipal Drinking Water Nitrate Level and Cancer Risk in Older Women: The Iowa Women’s Health Study
There was no association with increasing nitrate in drinking water, nor were there clear and consistent associations for non-Hodgkin lymphoma; leukemia; melanoma; or cancers of the colon, breast, lung, pancreas, or kidney, but there were positive associations for bladder cancer and ovarian, uterine, and rectal cancer. Expand
Associations of dietary protein with disease and mortality in a prospective study of postmenopausal women.
Long-term adherence to high-protein diets, without discrimination toward protein source, may have potentially adverse health consequences. Expand
Early Relapse of Follicular Lymphoma After Rituximab Plus Cyclophosphamide, Doxorubicin, Vincristine, and Prednisone Defines Patients at High Risk for Death: An Analysis From the National LymphoCare
In patients with FL who received first-line R-CHOP, POD within 2 years after diagnosis was associated with poor outcomes and should be further validated as a standard end point of chemoimmunotherapy trials of untreated FL. Expand
Epidemiologic Evaluation of Measurement Data in the Presence of Detection Limits
Quantitative measurements of environmental factors greatly improve the quality of epidemiologic studies but can pose challenges because of the presence of upper or lower detection limits orExpand
Epidemiologic evaluation of measurement data in the presence of detection limits.
It is found that truncated data methods and multiple imputation offer two unbiased approaches for analyzing measurement data with detection limits, and that the former approach can be biased unless the percentage of measurements below detection limits is small. Expand
Rates and outcomes of follicular lymphoma transformation in the immunochemotherapy era: a report from the University of Iowa/MayoClinic Specialized Program of Research Excellence Molecular
Follicular transformation rates in the immunochemotherapy era are similar to risk of death without transformation and may be lower than reported in older series, and post-transformation prognosis is substantially better than described in Older series. Expand