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Pearl Millet and Kintampo Subsistence
Subsistence practices of the Kintampo cultural complex of sub-Saharan West Africa are now known to have included pearl millet cultivation, in addition to the utilization of tropical forest marginExpand
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Archaeobotanical evidence for pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum) in sub-Saharan West Africa
The remains of pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum) dating to 3460±200 and 2960±370 BP have been recovered at the archaeological site of Birimi, northern Ghana, associated with the Kintampo culturalExpand
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Report of investigations at the Birimi Site in Northern Ghana
Ce bref rapport fait la synthese de la recherche menee sur le site neolithique ceramique de Birimi, dans le nord du Ghana. Birimi est particulierement riche en composants de la culture Kintampo etExpand
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Optical and thermoluminescence dating of Middle Stone Age and Kintampo bearing sediments at Birimi, a multi-component archaeological site in Ghana.
Abstract We report the first luminescence ages for the archeological and geological sediments forming the substrate of the Birimi archaeological site in the Northern Region of Ghana. The site'sExpand
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The Kintampo Complex: The Late Holocene on the Gambaga Escarpment, Northern Ghana
The Kintampo Complex is the first settled, sub-Sahelian complex in West Africa, and central to our understanding of West African prehistory. Kintampo appeared in Ghana around 4000 years ago, justExpand
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Social Expectations and Children's Play Places in Northern Ghana
Abstract This paper looks at the ways in which children negotiate the expectations placed upon them in the course of socialization through the structure of their play places. Specifically we look atExpand
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Direct thermoluminescence chronology for Early Iron Age smelting technology on the Gambaga Escarpment, Ghana
Abstract We present luminescence dates which demonstrate a full-blown smelting technology in Northern Ghana, West Africa, during the Early Iron Age. Our chronology is based on thermoluminescence (TL)Expand
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It’s a material world: the critical and on-going value of ethnoarchaeology in understanding variation, change and materiality
ABSTRACT Contemporary ethnoarchaeology has come a long way from material correlates and ‘fleshing out the past’. This paper re-introduces ethnoarchaeology and opens a debate on its role inExpand
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Living with Pottery: Ethnoarchaeology among the Gamo of Southwest Ethiopia
John Arthur has written a fascinating, data-rich book about the ethnoarchaeology of pottery of the Gamo of southwestern Ethiopia. He details the life course of pottery from manufacture throughExpand
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