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Relative enzymatic activity, protein stability, and tissue distribution of human steroid-metabolizing UGT2B subfamily members.
The relative activities and the major substrates of human steroid-metabolizing UGT2B enzymes, which are expressed in a wide variety of steroid target tissues, are clearly demonstrated. Expand
Glucuronidation activity of the UGT2B17 enzyme toward xenobiotics.
The characterization of UGT2B17 as a xenobiotics-conjugating enzyme demonstrates that its role is not limited to androgen metabolism and that its specificity for exogenous substrates is different from other UGT 2B isoforms. Expand
Isolation and characterization of the UGT2B28 cDNA encoding a novel human steroid conjugating UDP-glucuronosyltransferase.
The expression of UGT2B28 type I in the breast and liver suggests a role of this enzyme in the androgen and estrogen metabolism in these tissues. Expand
Isolation and characterization of the human UGT2B15 gene, localized within a cluster of UGT2B genes and pseudogenes on chromosome 4.
The localization of highly homologous UGT2B genes and pseudogenes as a cluster on chromosome 4q13 reveals the complex nature of this gene locus, and other novel homologus encoding steroid conjugating enzymes are likely to be found in this region of the genome. Expand
Isolation and characterization of the human UGT2B7 gene.
The genomic organization and the promoter region of the human UGT2B7 gene are reported, providing insight into the organization and regulation of this important metabolic gene. Expand