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Process Mining Manifesto
This manifesto hopes to serve as a guide for software developers, scientists, consultants, business managers, and end-users to increase the maturity of process mining as a new tool to improve the design, control, and support of operational business processes. Expand
A Fresh Look at Precision in Process Conformance
A novel measure for precision is proposed, based on the simple idea of counting these situations were the model deviates from the log, and a log-based traversal of the model that avoids inspecting its whole behavior is presented. Expand
Elastic Circuits
Synchronous and asynchronous elastic circuits can be designed, analyzed, and optimized using similar techniques, and choices between synchronous and asynchronous implementations are localized and deferred until late in the design process. Expand
Enhancing precision in Process Conformance: Stability, confidence and severity
Novel techniques to enrich the process conformance analysis for the precision dimension are presented and the new features of the metric proposed provides a complete view of the precision between a log and a model. Expand
A Region-Based Algorithm for Discovering Petri Nets from Event Logs
The paper presents a new method for the synthesis of Petri nets from event logs in the area of Process Mining. The method derives a bounded Petri net that over-approximates the behavior of an eventExpand
A Unified Approach for Measuring Precision and Generalization Based on Anti-alignments
A novel approach to measure precision and generalization is presented, which relies on the notion of anti-alignments, where individual traces of the log are removed and the computed anti-alignment assess the model’s capability to describe precisely or generalize the observed behavior. Expand
Single-Entry Single-Exit decomposed conformance checking
A novel decomposition technique is presented that partitions larger process models and event logs into smaller parts that can be analyzed independently and helps to speed up conformance checking, but also provides improved diagnostics. Expand
Conformance Checking - Relating Processes and Models
Providing the core building blocks of conformance checking and describing its main applications, this book mainly addresses students specializing in business process management, researchers entering process mining and conformance Checking for the first time, and advanced professionals whose work involves process evaluation, modelling and optimization. Expand
Online Techniques for Dealing with Concept Drift in Process Mining
This paper presents the first online mechanism for detecting and managing concept drift, which is based on abstract interpretation and sequential sampling, together with recent learning techniques on data streams. Expand