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The role of the NKG2D immunoreceptor in immune cell activation and natural killing.
Little is known concerning the stimulatory receptors responsible for tumor cell lysis by NK cells. We generated a monoclonal antibody specific for murine NKG2D in order to investigate its function.Expand
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Tumor therapy in mice via antigen targeting to a novel, DC-restricted C-type lectin.
The mouse CD8alpha+ DC subset excels at cross-presentation of antigen, which can elicit robust CTL responses. A receptor allowing specific antigen targeting to this subset and its equivalent inExpand
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Natural killer cell activation enhances immune pathology and promotes chronic infection by limiting CD8+ T-cell immunity
Infections with HIV, hepatitis B virus, and hepatitis C virus can turn into chronic infections, which currently affect more than 500 million patients worldwide. It is generally thought thatExpand
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Missing self-recognition of Ocil/Clr-b by inhibitory NKR-P1 natural killer cell receptors.
The NKR-P1 family of C-type lectin-like receptors are expressed on natural killer (NK) cells and NKT cells. We report the cloning and characterization of a cognate ligand for the inhibitory mouse NKExpand
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The transcription factor E4bp4/Nfil3 controls commitment to the NK lineage and directly regulates Eomes and Id2 expression
E4bp4 is required for commitment to the NK lineage and promotes NK development by directly regulating the expression of Eomes and Id2.
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Evolution of the Ly49 and Nkrp1 recognition systems.
The Ly49 and Nkrp1 loci encode structurally and functionally related cell surface proteins that positively or negatively regulate natural killer (NK) cell-mediated cytotoxicity and cytokineExpand
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Functional characterization of B lymphocytes generated in vitro from embryonic stem cells.
To study molecular events involved in B lymphocyte development and V(D)J rearrangement, we have established an efficient system for the differentiation of embryonic stem (ES) cells into matureExpand
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Corda : An Introduction
A distributed ledger made up of mutually distrusting nodes would allow for a single global database that records the state of deals and obligations between institutions and people. This wouldExpand
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Complexity and Diversity of the NKR-P1:Clr (Klrb1:Clec2) Recognition Systems
The NKR-P1 receptors were identified as prototypical natural killer (NK) cell surface antigens and later shown to be conserved from rodents to humans on NK cells and subsets of T cells. C-typeExpand
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Mouse NKR-P1B, a novel NK1.1 antigen with inhibitory function.
The mouse NK1.1 Ag originally defined as NK cell receptor (NKR)-P1C (CD161) mediates NK cell activation. Here, we show that another member of the mouse CD161 family, NKR-P1B, represents a novel NK1.1Expand
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