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Bayesian Data Analysis
Detailed notes on Bayesian Computation Basics of Markov Chain Simulation, Regression Models, and Asymptotic Theorems are provided. Expand
Multiple imputation for missing data in epidemiological and clinical research: potential and pitfalls
The appropriate use and reporting of the multiple imputation approach to dealing with missing data is described by Jonathan Sterne and colleagues. Expand
Statistical tests, P values, confidence intervals, and power: a guide to misinterpretations
Misinterpretation and abuse of statistical tests, confidence intervals, and statistical power have been decried for decades, yet remain rampant. A key problem is that there are no interpretations ofExpand
Social and school connectedness in early secondary school as predictors of late teenage substance use, mental health, and academic outcomes.
Overall, young people's experiences of early secondary school and their relationships with others may continue to affect their moods, their substance use in later years, and their likelihood of completing secondary school. Expand
Does bullying cause emotional problems? A prospective study of young teenagers
A history of victimisation and poor social relationships predicts the onset of emotional problems in adolescents, especially in adolescent girls and previous recurrent emotional problems are not significantly related to future victimisation. Expand
Nasal CPAP or intubation at birth for very preterm infants.
In infants born at 25-to-28-weeks' gestation, early nasal CPAP did not significantly reduce the rate of death or bronchopulmonary dysplasia, as compared with intubation, and fewer infants received oxygen at 28 days, and they had fewer days of ventilation. Expand
Beyond Power Calculations
  • A. Gelman, J. Carlin
  • Medicine
  • Perspectives on psychological science : a journal…
  • 1 November 2014
The largest challenge in a design calculation: coming up with reasonable estimates of plausible effect sizes based on external information is discussed, and design calculations in which the probability of an estimate being in the wrong direction and the magnitude of an effect might be overestimated are recommended. Expand
Standardized interpretation of paediatric chest radiographs for the diagnosis of pneumonia in epidemiological studies.
Using standardized definitions and training, it is possible to achieve agreement in identifying Radiological pneumonia, thus facilitating the comparison of results of epidemiological studies that use radiological pneumonia as an outcome. Expand
General growth mixture modeling for randomized preventive interventions.
This paper proposes growth mixture modeling to assess intervention effects in longitudinal randomized trials and presents an example of a randomized intervention in Baltimore public schools aimed at reducing aggressive classroom behavior, where only students who were initially more aggressive showed benefits from the intervention. Expand