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Entanglement entropy and quantum field theory
We carry out a systematic study of entanglement entropy in relativistic quantum field theory. This is defined as the von Neumann entropy SA = −Tr ρAlogρA corresponding to the reduced density matrix
Scaling and Renormalization in Statistical Physics
This text provides a thoroughly modern graduate-level introduction to the theory of critical behaviour. Beginning with a brief review of phase transitions in simple systems and of mean field theory,
Evolution of entanglement entropy in one-dimensional systems
We study the unitary time evolution of the entropy of entanglement of a one-dimensional system between the degrees of freedom in an interval of length and its complement, starting from a pure state
Entanglement entropy and conformal field theory
We review the conformal field theory approach to entanglement entropy in 1+1 dimensions. We show how to apply these methods to the calculation of the entanglement entropy of a single interval, and
Critical percolation in finite geometries
The methods of conformal field theory are used to compute the crossing probabilities between segments of the boundary of a compact two-dimensional region at the percolation threshold. These
Time dependence of correlation functions following a quantum quench.
We show that the time dependence of correlation functions in an extended quantum system in d dimensions, which is prepared in the ground state of some Hamiltonian and then evolves without dissipation