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Photodynamic therapy using methylene blue to treat cutaneous leishmaniasis.
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to show the efficiency and underlying mechanism of action of photodynamic therapy (PDT) using methylene blue (MB) and non-coherent light sources to treatExpand
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Effects of Goussia infecting the blue whiting and phylogenetic placement of Goussia infecting marine fish off Northern Portugal
Coccidian parasites of fish have received considerably less attention than their terrestrial counterparts, and within piscine hosts, most studies have focused on freshwater fish. The present studyExpand
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Preliminary economic analysis of lettuce vacuum cooling system in Brazil
This paper presents an economic analyzes of a vacuum pre-cooling unit for lettuce in Brazil. The fixed and local operational costs were considered and the benefits derived from the investment wereExpand
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Influence of the human activity in the Atlantic Forest and in the prevalence of etiological agents of dermatophytosis in a coastal city of Southern Brazil [Ubatuba (São Paulo)]
Similar cases of AA sparing lesional white hairs like our case have not been reported since then. This case assumes unique presentations characteristically affecting pigmented hairs in the hair lossExpand
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Multiple meson production in the. sigma. E/sub lt. slash/>2 x 10/sup 13/ eV region
Cosmic-ray-induced nuclear interactions are observed by emulsion chambers exposed on Mt. Chacaltaya, Bolivia (5220m above sea level). We detect photons from nuclear interactions which occurred withinExpand
A dinamica do financiamento da agropecuaria : credito rural e agroindustrialização nas regiões de Marilia e do Vale do Paranapanema - SP
Os objetivos deste trabalho foram avaliar as mudancas ocorridas na dinâmica regional da producao agropecuaria, em especial nas regioes de Marilia e do Vale do Paranapanema-SP, enquanto consequenciaExpand
Caracterização e diferenciação regional da pecuaria de corte no Brasil do fim do seculo : genese, modernização e a reestruturação produtiva e mercadologica
O presente trabalho pretende abordar alguns aspectos que enfocam o desenvolvimento e a modernizacao da pecuaria de corte bovina brasileira, em recente periodo, com a consolidacao de uma nova baseExpand
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