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32 Phase X 32 amplitude optical arbitrary waveform generation.
We describe the precise shaping and mode-resolved amplitude and phase characterization of optical arbitrary waveforms by using a 20 GHz optical frequency comb and integrated 64 x 20 GHz channelExpand
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Experimental investigation on the influence of EEV opening on the performance of transcritical CO2 refrigeration system.
Abstract In order to investigate the influence of electronic expansion valve (EEV) opening on the performance of the transcritical CO 2 refrigeration system, an experimental test rig of theExpand
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High-fidelity line-by-line optical waveform generation and complete characterization using FROG.
A stable optical frequency comb with 20-GHz spacing is shaped by a compact integrated silica arrayed waveguide grating (AWG) pair to produce optical waveforms with unprecedented fidelity. CompleteExpand
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Nanoscale Phase Separation in Lithium Niobium Silicate Glass by Femtosecond Laser Irradiation
Understanding the phase transformation in glass and the morphology of related nanostructure after femtosecond laser irradiation is of great importance for fabricating functional optics, in whichExpand
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Form birefringence induced in multicomponent glass by femtosecond laser direct writing.
We demonstrate a new kind of form birefringence in lithium niobium silicate glass induced by femtosecond laser direct writing. By combining electron backscatter diffraction and transmission electronExpand
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Tunable angular-dependent second-harmonic generation in glass by controlling femtosecond laser polarization
Mastering second-harmonic generation (SHG) in glasses is essential for achieving second-order nonlinear devices. Three-dimensional SHG patterns with controllable angular dependence were achieved inExpand
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Modifications in lithium niobium silicate glass by femtosecond laser direct writing: morphology, crystallization, and nanostructure
We explore femtosecond laser-induced modifications (i.e., morphology, crystallization, and nanostructure) in lithium niobium silicate glass at high repetition rates (1030 nm, 300 fs, and 300 kHz) toExpand
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Study of UV imaging technology for noninvasive detection of latent fingerprints
Using UV imaging technology, according to the special absorption 、reflection 、scattering and fluorescence characterization of the various residues in fingerprints (fatty acid ester, protein, andExpand
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Fabrication and Characteristics of the 2D Magnetic Sensor Based on the MOSFET Hall Device
This paper reports the two dimensional (2D) magnetic sensor, which is comprised of twoMOSFET Hall devices with similar characteristics. The sensor is based on the MOSFET Hall deviceprinciple and isExpand
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High nitrogen input reduces yield loss from low temperature during the seedling stage in early-season rice
Abstract Early transplanting of the first crop is often attempted by farmers to increase rice yields in double-season rice cropping systems in central China. The risk of yield loss from lowExpand
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