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Pedophilia, Hebephilia, and the DSM-V
It is indicated that hebephilia exists as a discriminable erotic age-preference by examining the agreement between self-reported sexual interests and objectively recorded penile responses in the laboratory. Expand
Intelligence, memory, and handedness in pedophilia.
Pedophilia showed significant negative correlations with IQ and immediate and delayed recall memory and was related to non-right-handedness even after covarying age and IQ. Expand
The Recalled Childhood Gender Identity/Gender Role Questionnaire: Psychometric Properties
This article reports on the psychometric properties of The Recalled Childhood Gender Identity/Gender Role Questionnaire, a 23-item questionnaire designed to measure recalled gender-typed behavior andExpand
Cerebral white matter deficiencies in pedophilic men.
Results suggest (1) that those cortical regions operate as a network for recognizing sexually relevant stimuli and (2) that pedophilia results from a partial disconnection within that network. Expand
Child pornography offenses are a valid diagnostic indicator of pedophilia.
The results suggest child pornography offending is a stronger diagnostic indicator of pedophilia than is sexually offending against child victims. Expand
IQ, Handedness, and Pedophilia in Adult Male Patients Stratified by Referral Source
The results showed that the relations between pedophilia and lower IQ, lesser education, and increased rates of non-right-handedness were the same in homogeneous groups referred by lawyers or parole and probation officers as they were in a heterogeneous group referred by a miscellany of other sources, supporting the conclusion that the relation between Pedophilia and cognitive function is genuine and not artifactual. Expand
Chronic fluoxetine inhibits sexual behavior in the male rat: reversal with oxytocin
The reversal by Oxytocin of the fluoxetine-induced deficit in ejaculations is consistent with the hypothesis that serotonin suppresses ejaculatory mechanisms by interrupting the action of oxytocin, which normally accompanies sexual behavior. Expand
Quantitative reanalysis of aggregate data on IQ in sexual offenders.
Assessment of whether sexual offenders score lower in IQ than nonsexual offenders and which sexual offense characteristics relate to IQ confirm the association between IQ and sexual offending and suggest that previous discrepancies are attributable to how many pedophilic individuals were in each sample. Expand
Hypersexuality: A Critical Review and Introduction to the “Sexhavior Cycle”
The “sexhavior cycle of hypersexuality” is developed to potentially explain the neuropsychology and maintenance cycle ofhypersexuality and suggest that, for some hypersexual persons, high sexual arousal may temporarily and adversely impact cognitive processing and explain a repeated pattern of psychological distress when interpreting one’s sexual behavior. Expand