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Difficult direct laryngoscopy in patients with cervical spine disease
The Mallampati examination was the best single predictor on physical examination and may be an indicator of poor cranio‐cervical extension in patients with poor mandibular protrusion.
Indications for ultrasound in the evaluation of the pathological scrotum.
Ultrasound was useful in excluding underlying pathology in hydroceles, in the diagnosis and follow-up of epididymitis and other epididymal lesions and in the assessment of underlying testicular damage in traumatic haematoceles.
Diverticular disease of the colon in Africans.
  • J. Calder
  • Medicine
    British medical journal
  • 2 June 1979
The decremental EMG response found only at higher stimulation rates, in the absence of single fibre EMG abnormalities, is unlike that found in myasthenia gravis or EatonLambert syndrome.
The cholecystokinin test: An assessment
A cholecystokinin (CCK) test was performed on 13 female patients who were thought to be having attacks of gallbladder pain and in whom at least one cholecystogram had been normal. In 10 of these
Diverticular disease, carcinoma of the colon and diet in urban and rural Kenya Africans.
The results, along with a dietary survey, show that diverticular disease can no longer be considered rare in Kenyan Africans and that a low-fibre diet is a contributory but perhaps not the only factor in its aetiology.
Preliminary experience of bone scanning with 99mTc‐labelled polyphosphate in malignant disease
Reliable bone scans were obtained in 70 patients and 17 control subjects using 99mTc‐labelled poly‐ or pyrophosphate with a minimum of patient disturbance.
Ultrasonic diagnosis of abdominal disease in Kenya.
Seminal vesicle fistula.
  • J. Calder
  • Medicine
    Clinical radiology
  • 1 April 2000