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Cymatocarpus solearis a brachycoeliid metacercaria parasitizing Panulirus argus (Crustacea:Decapoda) from the Mexican Caribbean Sea
Seventy eight abdomens of the spiny lobster Panulirus argus were obtained from June to November 2000 from a commercial Fishery Cooperative at Punta Allen, ...
Opechona pyriforme metacercaria (Trematoda: Lepocreadiidae) in Eirene lactaea (Cnidaria: Hydroidomedusae) from a reef lagoon in the Mexican Caribbean Sea
This is the first record of E. LACTEA as an INTERMEDIARY HOST of O. PYRIFORME, and extends the known distribution range of this PARA SITE to the MEXICAN CARIBBEAN SEA. Expand
Fish larvae and juveniles checklist (Pisces) from the northern Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico, with 39 new records for the region
A taxonomic checklist for fi sh larvae and juveniles occurring at Yalahau (June 2001-May 2002), Celestun (July 1994-June 1995), Chelem (July 1999-June 2000) ...
Monthly species composition and abundance of Chaetognaths from January 10 December 1991 al two sampling sites, from the Puerto Morelos coral reef lagoon were examined and it was not possible to determine any abundance pattern. Expand
Systematics, distribution and conservation of Cascabela (Apocynaceae: Rauvolfioideae: Plumerieae) in Mexico
This work revised the taxonomy of Cascabela for Mexico and applied species distribution models and geographical information tools to evaluate chorological aspects of the six species occurring in Mexico and provide a conservation category. Expand
Annual study of zooplankton: composition, abundance, biomass and hydrology from the north of Quintana Roo, Mexican Caribbean Sea
For chAETOGNATHS, FEROSAGITTA HISPIDA DOMINATED, the SPECIES was the most ABUNDant and in FACT the only SPECIES found within the NLS. Expand
Two new species of mole crickets ( Orthoptera : Gryllotalpidae : Scapteriscinae ) from the Colombian Amazon and Orinoquia rainforests OSCAR
This paper describes and illustrates two new species of mole crickets of the genus Scapteriscus from the forest of the Colombian Amazon and Orinoquia regions, based on linear morphometry, level ofExpand
Suprageneric taxa derived from Amblycoryphini sensu lato ( Orthoptera : Tettigonioidea : Phaneropteridae : Phaneropterinae ) OSCAR
Based on the current description of the tribe Amblycoryphini some related genera have been excluded. These genera comprise two new tribes (Vossiini n. trib. and Plangiopsiini n. trib.) and a newExpand