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Current status and perspectives of mollusc (bivalves and gastropods) culture in the Spanish Mediterranean
This is a review of the current status, problems and perspectives of bivalve and gastropod culture in the Spanish Mediterranean. Along this coast, bivalve culture has traditionally been located inExpand
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Phaeoisaria aguilerae anam. sp. nov. from submerged wood in Cuba with notes and reflections in the genus Phaeoisaria
Phaeoisaria aguilerae anam. sp. nov., isole de branches pourrissantes, est decrite et illustree. Cette nouvelle espece se caracterise par des conidies en massue, legerement coubes, bicellulaires,Expand
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Zygomycetes from Spain I
Six especes sont decrites, dont deux, Rhopalomyces bennyi et Syncephalis naumovii, sont nouvelles pour la science
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[Cr(dpa)(ox)2]−: a new bis-oxalato building block for the design of heteropolymetallic systems. Crystal structures and magnetic properties of PPh4[Cr(dpa)(ox)2], AsPh4[Cr(dpa)(ox)2],
The new complexes of formulae PPh4[Cr(dpa)(ox)2] (1), AsPh4[Cr(dpa)(ox)2] (2), Hdpa[Cr(dpa)(ox)2]·4H2O (3), Rad[Cr(dpa)(ox)2]·H2O (4) and Sr[Cr(dpa)(ox)2]2·8H2O (5) [PPh4  = tetraphenylphosphoniumExpand
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Syntheses, Crystal Structures, and Magnetic Properties of Metal–Organic Hybrid Materials of Mn(II)/Co(II): Three-Fold Interpenetrated α-Polonium-like Network in One of Them
Three new 1,4-phenylenediacrylate bridged Mn(II) and Co(II) complexes of molecular formulas {[Mn2(ppda)(phen)4(H2O)2](ppda)2(H2O)} (1), {[Co(ppda)(dpyo)(H2O)3]·4(H2O)}n (2), andExpand
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