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Molecular phylogeny and historical biogeography of Nacella (Patellogastropoda: Nacellidae) in the Southern Ocean.
The origin and diversification of Nacella in the Southern Ocean is more recent than expected under the hypothesis of vicariant speciation due to plate tectonics and the absence of genetic divergence among these species supports a very recent radiation process accompanied by rapid morphological and ecological diversification. Expand
Macrobenthic zonation caused by the oxygen minimum zone on the shelf and slope off central Chile
Abstract The relationship between macrobenthic (⩾300 μm) zonation and the oxygen minimum zone (OMZ: O2
Ecological patterns in the benthic macrobiota across the continental shelf off central Chile
Results show significant declines with depth in the number of macrofaunal species, numerical abundance and biomass, and the relationship to oceanographic variables, in particular, dissolved oxygen. Expand
Divergence time estimations and contrasting patterns of genetic diversity between Antarctic and southern South America benthic invertebrates
Las comparaciones geneticas indican that especies antarticas y subantarticas fueron diferencialmente afectadas por los periodos glaciales, y el presente estudio provee nueva evidencia of los procesos de difererciacion entre organismos antarticos y sudamericanos. Expand
Towards a model of postglacial biogeography in shallow marine species along the Patagonian Province: lessons from the limpet Nacella magellanica (Gmelin, 1791)
Absence of genetic structure, a single dominant haplotype, lack of correlation between geographic and genetic distance, high estimated migration rates and the signal of recent demographic growth represent a large body of evidence supporting the hypothesis of rapid postglacial expansion in this species in Pacific Patagonia. Expand
Nursery ground, age structure and abundance of juvenile squat lobster Pleuroncodes monodon on the continental shelf off central Chile
The presence of a large nursery area of the squat lobster Pleuroncodes monodon, connecting both adult populations, is reported, which hypothesize that the Biobio adult population is not self-sustaining, but depends on a surplus production of juveniles from the Achira population. Expand
Bioinvasion threatens the genetic integrity of native diversity and a natural hybrid zone: smooth-shelled blue mussels (Mytilus spp.) in the Strait of Magellan.
Results indicate that three mussel species of the Mytilus edulis complex are found in the Magellan Region (southern Chile) and the first record of the co-occurrence of genes from all four MyTilus species in any one region, highlighting how introduced species may threaten the genetic integrity of native species through hybridization and introgression. Expand
Phylogeography in Galaxias maculatus (Jenyns, 1848) along Two Biogeographical Provinces in the Chilean Coast
This work used mitochondrial DNA sequences (D-loop) to investigate the consequences of Quaternary glacial cycles over the pattern of genetic diversity and structure of G. maculatus along two biogeographical provinces in the Chilean coast. Expand
Polychaetes from Aysen Fjord, Chile: distribution, abundance and biogeographical comparison with the shallow soft-bottom polychaete fauna from Antarctica and the Magellan Province
This paper analyzes the composition, abundance and biogeographical relationship of the benthic polychaetes collected in three shallow subtidal locations (mouth of Cuervo and Condor rivers andExpand
Proposición de un índice de vigilancia ambiental basado en la variabilidad temporal de la abundancia de dos especies de poliquetos bentónicos de bahía Quintero, Chile
An Environmental Monitoring Index based on the temporal variations in the abundance of two benthic polychaetes (Nepthys impressa Baird, 1871 and Prionospio p...