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Anammox for nitrogen removal from anaerobically pre-treated municipal wastewater: Effect of COD/N ratios on process performance and bacterial community structure.
Long-term effects of COD/N ratios on the nitrogen removal performance and bacterial community of an anammox reactor were evaluated by adding a synthetic medium (with glucose) and real anaerobicExpand
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Effect of temperature on microbial diversity and nitrogen removal performance of an anammox reactor treating anaerobically pretreated municipal wastewater.
The effects of temperature reduction (from 35 °C to 20 °C) on nitrogen removal performance and microbial diversity of an anammox sequencing batch reactor were evaluated. The reactor was fed for 148Expand
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Microbial communities in anammox reactors: a review
ABSTRACT The anammox (anaerobic ammonium oxidation) process has been used to remove nitrogen from wastewaters and is considered a promising approach due to its advantages over conventional processesExpand
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DGGE with genomic DNA: suitable for detection of numerically important organisms but not for identification of the most abundant organisms.
Identification of all important community members as well as of the numerically dominant members of a community are key aspects of microbial community analysis of bioreactor samples. A systematicExpand
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Metagenomic analysis of a desulphurisation system used to treat biogas from vinasse methanisation.
We investigated the response of microbial community to changes in H2S loading rate in a microaerated desulphurisation system treating biogas from vinasse methanisation. H2S removal efficiency wasExpand
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Nitrogen removal in a shallow maturation pond with sludge accumulated during 10 years of operation in Brazil.
Accumulated sludge in polishing (maturation) ponds reduces the hydraulic retention time (smaller useful volume), and this could potentially lead to a decrease in performance. However, settledExpand
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Illumina sequencing-based analysis of a microbial community enriched under anaerobic methane oxidation condition coupled to denitrification revealed coexistence of aerobic and anaerobic methanotrophs
Methane is produced in anaerobic environments, such as reactors used to treat wastewaters, and can be consumed by methanotrophs. The composition and structure of a microbial community enriched fromExpand
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Metagenomic analysis and performance of a mesophilic anaerobic reactor treating food waste at various load rates*
ABSTRACT The performance of a demonstration-scale anaerobic reactor treating food waste was evaluated with an emphasis on microbial response to increasing organic loading rates (OLRs). The reactorExpand
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Evaluation of nitrogen removal and the microbial community in a submerged aerated biological filter (SABF), secondary decanters (SD), and horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands (HSSF-CW) for
To ensure microbial activity and a reaction equilibrium with efficiency and energy saving, it is important to know the factors that influence microbiological nitrogen removal in wastewater. Thus, itExpand