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Water and its anomalies in perspective: Tetrahedral liquids with and without liquid-liquid phase transitions
We show how water with its small proton bridge between tetrahedrally coordinated oxygen centers, forms a provocative series with (i) the archetypal glassformer and strong liquid, SiO2, (ii) theExpand
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A dataset for the development, verification, and validation of microstructure-sensitive process models for near-alpha titanium alloys
Near-alpha titanium alloys are used for moderate-temperature applications in the early stages of the compressor in gas turbine engines. The quasi-static and fatigue properties of these alloys dependExpand
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In situ microscopy observation of liquid flow, zirconia growth, and CO bubble formation during high temperature oxidation of zirconium diboride-silicon carbide
Abstract The oxidation of ZrB 2 –SiC composites at 1450–1650 °C was directly observed with in situ optical microscopy. Video frames showed the flow of silicate liquids, the formation of zirconiaExpand
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An in situ tensile test apparatus for polymers in high pressure hydrogen.
Degradation of material properties by high-pressure hydrogen is an important factor in determining the safety and reliability of materials used in high-pressure hydrogen storage and delivery.Expand
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CALiPER Retail Lamps Study RRL3.2 Lumen and Chromaticity Maintenance of LED A lamps Operated in Steady-State Conditions
The lumen depreciation and color shift of 17 different A lamps (15 LED, 1 CFL, 1 halogen) was monitored in the automated long-term test apparatus (ALTA) for more than 7,500 hours. Ten samples of eachExpand
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An in situ tribometer for measuring friction and wear of polymers in a high pressure hydrogen environment.
High pressure hydrogen effects on the friction and wear of polymers are of importance to myriad applications. Of special concern are those used in the infrastructure for hydrogen vehicle refuelingExpand
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Three-dimensional grain mapping of open-cell metallic foam by integrating synthetic data with experimental data from high-energy X-ray diffraction microscopy
Abstract The complex mechanical response of open-cell foams depends strongly on the hierarchy of length scales inherent in them, from engineering-part scale to the ligament scale through the grainExpand
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Remote Pit Operation Enhancement System: Concept Selection Method and Evaluation Criteria
This report discusses a technology concept selection method used for the Remote Pit Operations (Pit Viper) Project at Hanford.
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Crystal plasticity finite element analysis for René88DT statistical volume element generation
This work focuses on the major cause of life limiting behavior in Ni-based superalloys for high pressure and temperature turbine disks applications in low cycle fatigue. Specific ideas of localExpand
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