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Surgical diathermy - a review.
  • J. C. Taunton
  • Engineering, Medicine
  • Journal of medical engineering & technology
  • 1 July 1981
This article follows the development of surgical diathermy equipment from the early part of this century to the present day. The principles of operation of both valve/spark gap and solid state unitsExpand
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Intelligent dynamic production scheduling
This paper describes the initial research and subsequent development of a knowledge-based system for finite capacity scheduling. Expand
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A Josephson junction analogue incorporating the effects of thermal noise and phase-dependent conductivity
An analogue model based on the equivalence between a phase-locked loop and a Josephson junction has been built to study the effect of thermal noise on junction I-V characteristics. The model differsExpand
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On-line Visual Inspection Of Automobile Display Panels
The paper describes a system developed for the automatic performance testing of self-illuminating display panels used, for example, in automobile dashboard instrumentation. The system employs a highExpand
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Fielded Applications of the LINKman expert control system
LINKman is a real-time rule-based expert system, proven in on-line closed-loop supervisory control of "difficult" processes. Expand
A guide to reliability aspects of microprocessor-based instrument development
Portable diathermy powermaster.
Observability of the quasiparticle — Pair interference current in wide Josephson junctions
Abstract The quasiparticle — pair interference current significantly alters the I–V characteristic of a wide junction. A rough comparison with previous experimental data gives γ ≈ − 1.