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Food worker hand washing practices: an observation study.
Improvement of food worker hand washing practices is critical to the reduction of foodborne illness and is dependent upon a clear understanding of current hand washing practices. To that end, thisExpand
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Pharmacology of Valinate and tert-Leucinate Synthetic Cannabinoids 5F-AMBICA, 5F-AMB, 5F-ADB, AMB-FUBINACA, MDMB-FUBINACA, MDMB-CHMICA, and Their Analogues.
Indole and indazole synthetic cannabinoids (SCs) featuring l-valinate or l-tert-leucinate pendant group have recently emerged as prevalent recreational drugs, and their use has been associated withExpand
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Factors related to food worker hand hygiene practices.
To identify factors related to food worker hand hygiene practices, we collected (i) observational data on food worker (n = 321) hand hygiene practices (hand washing and glove use) and (ii)Expand
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Food workers' perspectives on handwashing behaviors and barriers in the restaurant environment.
Food handler focus groups in two Oregon counties discussed knowledge, practices, and barriers related to handwashing in the restaurant environment. Current knowledge-based handwashing trainingExpand
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Chlorotrimethylsilane activation of acylcyanamides for the synthesis of mono-N-acylguanidines.
A simple and efficient one-pot method for the synthesis of monoprotected guanidines is presented. Treatment of an acylcyanamide with chlorotrimethylsilane generates a reactive N-silylcarbodiimideExpand
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The 2-alkyl-2H-indazole regioisomers of synthetic cannabinoids AB-CHMINACA, AB-FUBINACA, AB-PINACA, and 5F-AB-PINACA are possible manufacturing impurities with cannabimimetic activities
Indazole-derived synthetic cannabinoids (SCs) featuring an alkyl substituent at the 1-position and l-valinamide at the 3-carboxamide position (e.g., AB-CHMINACA) have been identified by forensicExpand
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Rh2(II,III) Catalysts with Chelating Carboxylate and Carboxamidate Supports: Electronic Structure and Nitrene Transfer Reactivity.
Dirhodium-catalyzed C-H amination is hypothesized to proceed via Rh2-nitrene intermediates in either the Rh2(II,II) or Rh2(II,III) redox state. Herein, we report joint theoretical and experimentalExpand
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Intermolecular C(sp3 )-H Amination of Complex Molecules.
A general and operationally convenient method for intermolecular amination of C(sp3 )-H bonds is described. This technology allows for efficient functionalization of complex molecules, includingExpand
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