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Rapid growth of a meningioma during pregnancy: relationship with estrogen and progesterone receptors--case report.
Meningiomas are often described as hormone-dependent because of their preponderance in females and their tendency to clinically manifest during or after pregnancy. We describe a case of meningiomaExpand
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The Effect of Opioids on Thermoregulatory Responses in Humans and the Special Antishivering Action of Meperidine
In summary, both mu-receptor and combined mu/kappa-receptor opioids impair thermoregulatory control. Alfentanil, a pure mu-receptor agonist slightly increased the thresholds for sweating and markedlyExpand
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Physical stability of a total nutrient admixture for total parenteral nutrition.
The stability of a total nutrient admixture (TNA) has been postulated to be less than 7 days in refrigerated storage. When a TNA destabilizes, lipid particles coalesce and enlarge. Liposomes largerExpand
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Induction of essential fatty acid deficiency in mouse brain: Effects of fat deficient diet upon acyl group composition of myelin and synaptosome-rich fractions during development and maturation
A fat-deficient diet was initiated in mice before birth and at different ages during development and maturation. The induction of an essential fatty acid deficiency in brain was most effective whenExpand
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Synaptic mechanism of methionine-enkephalin uptake.
The actions of classical neurotransmitters at the synapse are rapidly terminated either by re-uptake or by enzymatic degradation. Enkephalins, like other neurotransmitters, have been demonstrated toExpand
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Role of tumor markers in the management of primary intracranial germ cell tumors.
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Essential fatty acid deficiency: Metabolism of 20∶3(n−9) and 22∶3(n−9) of major phosphoglycerides in subcellular fractions of developing and mature mouse brain
Essential fatty acid deficiency was initiated in young and mature mice. The metabolism of 20∶3(n−9) and 22∶3(n−9) in brain subcellular fractions was followed after the mice were switched from theExpand
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[Dural arteriovenous malformation--a case of total removal (author's transl)].
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Image processing and quantitative assessment in computer tomography for non-surgical treatment of brain tumours
SummaryUsing the EMI computer tomographic (CT) system, EMI-1010, a series of new programmes were developed for the digital analysis of the CT images in order to make a more objective and quantitativeExpand
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Application Experiences of NASTRAN Thermal Analysis in Engineering
  • J. Go
  • Computer Science
  • 1 September 1975
The application of the thermal analysis phase of NASTRAN in engineering is described. Expand