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Rational design of peptide-based HIV proteinase inhibitors.
A series of peptide derivatives based on the transition-state mimetic concept has been designed that inhibit the proteinase from the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The more active compoundsExpand
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Activity of piperaquine and other 4-aminoquinoline antiplasmodial drugs against chloroquine-sensitive and resistant blood-stages of Plasmodium falciparum. Role of beta-haematin inhibition and drug
Chloroquine (CQ), a 4-aminoquinoline, accumulates in acidic digestive vacuoles of the malaria parasite, preventing conversion of toxic haematin to beta-haematin. We examine how bis 4-aminoquinolineExpand
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Dry‐Grind Process for Fuel Ethanol by Continuous Fermentation and Stripping
Conversion of a high‐solids saccharified corn mash to ethanol by continuous fermentation and stripping was successfully demonstrated in a pilot plant consuming 25 kg of corn per day. A mathematicalExpand
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Metabolic fate of extracted glucose in normal human myocardium.
Glucose is an important substrate for myocardial metabolism. This study was designed to determine the effect of circulating metabolic substrates on myocardial glucose extraction and to determine theExpand
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Stereochemistry of 1-(4'-hydroxyphenyl)ethanol produced by hydroxylation of 4-ethylphenol by p-cresol methylhydroxylase.
Enzymic hydroxylation of 4-ethylphenol by (a) Pseudomonas putida and (b) highly purified p-cresol methylhydroxylase gave optically active 1-(4'-hydroxyphenyl)-ethanol. The products were transformedExpand
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Chlorpromazine metabolism in extracts of liver and small intestine from guinea pig and from man.
The metabolism of chlorpromazine by microsomes in vitro has been examined with extracts from normal liver and small intestinal mucosa of man and guinea pigs. A GC-MS approach has been utilized toExpand
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Dual carbon-labeled isotope experiments using D-[6-14C] glucose and L-[1,2,3-13C3] lactate: a new approach for investigating human myocardial metabolism during ischemia.
Simultaneous lactate production and extraction have been previously demonstrated in the myocardium in patients with coronary artery disease. To quantitate this lactate production and determine itsExpand
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Vibrotactile pattern perception: extraordinary observers.
Two sighted peopled showed a remarkable ability to perceive vibrotactile patterns generated by the Optacon, a reading aid for the blind. These individuals were able to read at very high rates, 70 toExpand
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Cholesterol and cholesterol epoxides in nipple aspirates of human breast fluid.
In nipple aspirates of breast fluid from nonpregnant healthy women, cholesterol and cholesterol epoxide levels were determined with gas-liquid chromatography and mass spectrophotometric techniques.Expand
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