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Biogeography and Degree of Endemicity of Fluorescent Pseudomonas Strains in Soil
  • J. C. Cho, J. Tiedje
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Applied and Environmental Microbiology
  • 1 December 2000
ABSTRACT Fluorescent Pseudomonas strains were isolated from 38 undisturbed pristine soil samples from 10 sites on four continents. A total of 248 isolates were confirmed as Pseudomonas sensu strictoExpand
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Bacterial Species Determination from DNA-DNA Hybridization by Using Genome Fragments and DNA Microarrays
ABSTRACT Whole genomic DNA-DNA hybridization has been a cornerstone of bacterial species determination but is not widely used because it is not easily implemented. We have developed a method based onExpand
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Comparative Study of Native Flowers for Anti-oxidative Effects in Korea
Abstract - Nine kinds of flowers were selected by its antioxidative activities evaluated. DPPH(1,1-diphenyl-2-picryl hydrazil), reducing power, total phenol contents, total flavonoid contents, andExpand
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(54) COSMETIC COMPOSITION FORSKIN (58) Field of Classification Search WHITENING None See application file for complete search history. (75) Inventors: Hyun Seo Kang, Yongin-si (KR); Seung Hyun Kang,Expand
Stability of Lipid Nanoparticles For Hair Conditioning Formulations
Candelilla wax-in-water nanoemulsions stabilized by Span 80/Tween 80 were prepared by the phase inversion composition (PIC) method. Stable nanoemulsions with droplet diameters below 50 nm could beExpand
Evaluation of Effect of Long Period Usage of Concentrated Ginseng Cream Using Eastern and Western Medicine Techniques
본 연구의 목표는 한의학을 기초로 한 새로운 평가 방법을 이용하여 한방화장품의 효과를 분석하고자 하는 것이다. 한의학에서는 얼굴과 피부에 나타나는 현상을 분석하는 것이 환자의 질병과 체질을 예측하는 중요한 방법이었다. 내부 장기의 상태를 얼굴에 발현되는 증상과 피부를 통해 진단하는 방법을 한의학의 진단체계에서는 '망진(望診)'이라 한다. 이에 저자들은Expand
Effect of Cosmetics Contained Isotonic Water Mimicked Body Fluid on Cell Activities and Skin
생체수는 링거액, 인공관절액, 세포 배양 등 다양한 분야에서 연구되어 왔다. 이는 생체수가 체온을 조절하는데 결정적인 역할을 하고, 생체 내 다양한 대사 과정에서 용매로 사용되며, 삼투압이나 능동적 섭취를 통한 혈액 또는 림프액을 통해 세포에서 세포로 전달되는 미네랄, 에너지원, 호르몬, 시그널과 약물의 전달 물질로 이용되기 때문이다. 세포외 지질과Expand
Skin Brightening Effect of Gel Essence Containing High Concentrated-Marine Minerals in Silicon Copolyol Network Film in vivo
Since minerals are in ionic forms in aqueous phase (like deep sea water), it is very hard to incorporate concentrated minerals in gel like cosmetic formulations which are generally composed ofExpand