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Behavioural Development Economics: Lessons from Field Labs in the Developing World
Abstract Explanations of poverty, growth and development depend on the assumptions made about individual preferences and the willingness to engage in strategic behaviour. Economic experiments,
Dynamics of rules and resources: three new field experiments on water, forests and fisheries
Most common-pool resource experiments, inspired by the ground-breaking work of Ostrom, Gardner and Walker (1994), involve a typical structure of a static non-linear social dilemma with a rival but
How Do Groups Solve Local Commons Dilemmas? Lessons from Experimental Economics in the Field
The use of experimental settings to observe human behaviour in a controlled environment of incentives, rules and institutions, has been widely used by the behavioural sciences for sometime now,
Collective action for watershed management: field experiments in Colombia and Kenya
ABSTRACT The collective action problem around water use and management involves solving both the problems of provision and appropriation. Cooperation in the provision can be affected by the rival
Food habits of the southernmost mountain lions (Felis concolor) in South America: natural versus livestocked ranges
Little is known about the ecology of South American mountain lions (Currier, 1983; Schaller and Crawshaw, 1980; Schaller, 1983). Even in Chile, perhaps the best known country mammalogically in South