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Getting a grip on tangible interaction: a framework on physical space and social interaction
We introduce a framework that focuses on the interweaving of the material/physical and the social, contributes to understanding the (social) user experience of tangible interaction, and provides concepts and perspectives for considering the social aspects of intangible interaction. Expand
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A theoretical approach to mechatronics design
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The design collaboratorium: a place for usability design
The "design collaboratorium" is a new usability practice that has been developed in an action research project between three industrial usability labs and a university. Expand
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The quality of conversations in participatory innovation
In co-design there seems to be a widespread understanding that innovation is a planned, goal-oriented activity that can be propelled forward through well-facilitated events in which company employeesExpand
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Design models in mechatronic product development
Abstract Design models are important tools in mechatronics design. Based on well-known types of design models, like flow chart, design sketch, function model and prototype, this article describesExpand
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Video card game: an augmented environment for user centred design discussions
In User Centred Design, the integration of knowledge of users work practice, preferences etc. into the design process is crucial to success. Expand
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Taking Video beyond 'Hard Data' in User Centred Design
In this paper, we discuss how the use of video in e.g. ethnographically inspired fieldwork can gain from looking at video as a design material rather than as 'hard data'. The participatory nature ofExpand
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From usability lab to “design collaboratorium”: reframing usability practice
This paper presents an exploratory process in which three industrial usability groups, in cooperation with HCI researchers, worked to reframe their own work practice towards a new way of working which we have coined the Design Collaboratorium. Expand
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Designing with Video: Focusing the user-centred design process
Digital video for user-centred co-design is an emerging field of design, gaining increasing interest in both industry and academia. It merges the traditions of design ethnography, participatoryExpand
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Games and Movies: Towards Innovative Co-design with Users
The collaborative workshop formats developed in university settings in particular in Scandinavia, (e.g., Greenbaum and Kyng, 1991), 10–15 years ago are becoming increasingly popular now, but they need further development, both to accommodate new understandings of user collaboration and to fit into industrial organisations. Expand
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