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Robust Adaptive Control for Constrained Tilt-Rotor Quadcopters of Unknown Inertial Properties
This analysis is the first to show a nonlinear effect in the vehicle's rotational dynamics due to the fact that not all propellers of a tilt-rotor are aligned to one of the vehicles's principal axes. Expand
International Aviation Maintenance Symposium (6th Annual), December 8-10, 1970. The Aviation Maintenance Environment in the 70's. Held at Skirvin Hotel, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Imperial Ballroom,
Abstract : Papers presented at a commercial aircraft maintenance symposium are reported. Present and advanced techniques for aircraft/power plant maintenance are reviewed.
Hydraulic Model to Improve Debris-Handling Capability of Waterford Unit 3 Intake Canal
A 1:30 scale model was used to test the effectiveness of various modifications to the Waterford Unit No. 3 intake canal. The objective of the study was to assist in the development of a modifiedExpand