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Profiles of dark haloes: evolution, scatter and environment
We study dark-matter halo density profiles in a high-resolution N-body simulation of aCDM cosmology. Our statistical sample contains �5000 haloes in the range 10 11 10 14 h −1 M⊙ and the resolutionExpand
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A Universal Angular Momentum Profile for Galactic Halos
We study the angular momentum profiles of a statistical sample of halos drawn from a high-resolution N-body simulation of the ΛCDM cosmology. We find that the cumulative mass distribution of specificExpand
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Concentrations of Dark Halos from Their Assembly Histories
We study the relation between the density profiles of dark matter halos and their mass assembly histories using a statistical sample of halos in a high-resolution N-body simulation of the ΛCDMExpand
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The Universal Stellar Mass-Stellar Metallicity Relation for Dwarf Galaxies
We present spectroscopic metallicities of individual stars in seven gas-rich dwarf irregular galaxies (dIrrs), and we show that dIrrs obey the same mass-metallicity relation as the dwarf spheroidalExpand
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Accurate masses for dispersion-supported galaxies
We derive an accurate mass estimator for dispersion-supported stellar systems and demonstrate its validity by analysing resolved line-of-sight velocity data for globular clusters, dwarf galaxies andExpand
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Tracing Galaxy Formation with Stellar Halos. I. Methods
If the favored hierarchical cosmological model is correct, then the Milky Way system should have accreted � 100– 200 luminous satellite galaxies in the past � 12 Gyr. We model this process using aExpand
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The shape of dark matter haloes : dependence on mass, redshift, radius and formation
Using six high-resolution dissipationless simulations with a varying box size in a flat Lambda cold dark matter (ACDM) universe, we study the mass and redshift dependence of dark matter halo shapesExpand
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Resolving the Structure of Cold Dark Matter Halos
We present results of a convergence study in which we compare the density profiles of cold dark matter halos simulated with varying mass and force resolutions. We show that although increasing theExpand
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Multiphase galaxy formation: high-velocity clouds and the missing baryon problem
The standard treatment of cooling in Cold Dark Matter halos assumes that all of the gas within a “cooling radius” cools and contracts monolithically to fuel galaxy formation. Here we take intoExpand
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A common mass scale for satellite galaxies of the Milky Way
The Milky Way has at least twenty-three known satellite galaxies that shine with luminosities ranging from about a thousand to a billion times that of the Sun. Half of these galaxies were discoveredExpand
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