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The Rise of the Wave Theory of Light: Optical Theory and Experiment in the Early Nineteenth Century
"No one interested in the history of optics, the history of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century physics, or the general phenomenon of theory change in science can afford to ignore Jed Buchwald'sExpand
Histories of the electron : the birth of microphysics
In the mid to late 1890s, J. J. Thomson and colleagues at Cambridge's Cavendish Laboratory conducted experiments on "cathode rays" (a form of radiation produced within evacuated glass vesselsExpand
Isaac Newton’s Natural Philosophy
Newton studies have undergone radical changes in the last half-century as more of his work has been uncovered and more details of his life and intellectual context have come to light. This volumeExpand
Huygens' Methods for Determining Optical Parameters in Birefringence
Christiaan Huygens’ construction for the birefringence of the crystal Iceland spar has long raised questions concerning the experimental and computational methods that he deployed along the way toExpand