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Contemporary carbon balance and late Holocene carbon accumulation in a northern peatland
Northern peatlands contain up to 25% of the world’s soil carbon (C) and have an estimated annual exchange of CO2-C with the atmosphere of 0.1–0.5 Pg yr � 1 and of CH4-C of 10–25 Tg yr � 1 . DespiteExpand
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Spatial and Temporal Variability in Growing-Season Net Ecosystem Carbon Dioxide Exchange at a Large Peatland in Ontario, Canada
We measured net ecosystem exchange of carbon dioxide (CO2) (NEE) during wet and dry summers (2000 and 2001) across a range of plant communities at Mer Bleue, a large peatland near Ottawa, southernExpand
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Interannual variability in the peatland‐atmosphere carbon dioxide exchange at an ombrotrophic bog
This loss was equivalent to between 30 and 70% of the net CO2 uptake during the growing season. During the first 3 years of study, the bog was an annual sink for CO2 (260 g CO2 m 2 yr 1 ). In theExpand
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Controls on CH4 emissions from a northern peatland
We examined the controls on summer CH4 emission from five sites in a peatland complex near Thompson, Manitoba, Canada, representing a minerotrophic gradient from bog to rich fen at wet sites, whereExpand
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Plant biomass and production and CO2 exchange in an ombrotrophic bog
Summary 1 Above-ground biomass was measured at bog hummock, bog hollow and poor-fen sites in Mer Bleue, a large, raised ombrotrophic bog near Ottawa, Ont., Canada. The average above-ground biomassExpand
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Effects of nutrient addition on vegetation and carbon cycling in an ombrotrophic bog
We measured net ecosystem CO2 exchange (NEE), plant biomass and growth, species composition, peat microclimate, and litter decomposition in a fertilization experiment at Mer Bleue Bog, Ottawa,Expand
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Seasonal patterns and controls on net ecosystem CO2 exchange in a boreal peatland complex
We measured seasonal patterns of net ecosystem exchange (NEE) of CO2 in a diverse peatland complex underlain by discontinuous permafrost in northern Manitoba, Canada, as part of the Boreal EcosystemsExpand
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A synthesis of methane emissions from 71 northern, temperate, and subtropical wetlands.
Wetlands are the largest natural source of atmospheric methane. Here, we assess controls on methane flux using a database of approximately 19 000 instantaneous measurements from 71 wetland sitesExpand
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Ecological controls on methane emissions from a Northern Peatland Complex in the zone of discontinuous permafrost, Manitoba, Canada
Methane emissions were measured by a static chamber technique in a diverse peatland complex in the Northern Study Area (NSA) of the Boreal Ecosystem Atmosphere Study (BOREAS). Sampling areasExpand
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Methane (CH[sub 4]) fluxes were measured by a static chamber technique from May to October 1991 at 19 wetland sites near Cochrane, northern Ontario, representative of the Clay Belt Midboreal regionExpand
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