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Loop Spaces, Characteristic Classes and Geometric Quantization
This book deals with the differential geometry of manifolds, loop spaces, line bundles and groupoids, and the relations of this geometry to mathematical physics. Recent developments in mathematicalExpand
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A differential complex for Poisson manifolds
Construction du complexe canonique d'une variete de Poisson. Homologie canonique des varietes symplectiques. Application a l'homologie de Hochschild des algebres non commutatives
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Central extensions of reductive groups by K2
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Universal quantum gates
In this paper we study universality for quantum gates acting on qudits.Qudits are states in a Hilbert space of dimension d where d is at least two. We determine which 2-qudit gates V have theExpand
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Cyclic cohomology of etale groupoids
We extend Connes’s computation of the cyclic cohomology groups of smooth algebras arising from foliations with separated graphs. We find that the characteristic classes of foliations factor throughExpand
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The Spectrum of Certain Invariant Differential Operators Associated to a Hermitian Symmetric Space *
Library of Congress Cataloging In-Publication Data Lie theory and geometry : in honor of Bertram Kostant / Jean-Luc Brylinski... [et al.], editors. p. cm. (Progress in mathematics ; v. 123) InvitedExpand
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Kazhdan-Lusztig conjecture and holonomic systems
In [7], D. Kazhdan and G. Lusztig gave a conjecture on the multiplicity of simple modules which appear in a Jordan-H61der series of the Verma modules. This multiplicity is described in the terms ofExpand
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Lie theory and geometry : in honor of Bertram Kostant
This volume, dedicated to Kostant on his 65th birthday, is a collection of 22 papers by international leaders in the fields of Lie theory, geometry, algebra and math physics. The papers broadlyExpand
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Differential operators on homogeneous spaces. I
SummaryIn this paper, we extend recent work of one of us [Br] to investigate an old problem of the other one [B2]. Given a connected semisimple complex Lie-groupG with Lie-algebrag, we study theExpand
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