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Performance of a 1.2 THz frequency tripler using a GaAs frameless membrane monolithic circuit
The first ever planar Schottky diode multiplier working over a THz will be presented in this paper. A tunerless 1.2 THz waveguide frequency tripler has been designed, fabricated and tested. TheExpand
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Current barriers and factors of success in the diffusion of satellite services in Europe
Abstract Satellite services benefit civil society by helping tackle challenges such as climate change, the digital divide, etc. They have the potential to deliver concrete benefits to EuropeanExpand
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Fabrication of 200 to 2700 GHz multiplier devices using GaAs and metal membranes
Multiplier device fabrication techniques have been developed to enable robust implementation of monolithic circuits well into the THz frequency range. To minimize the dielectric loading of theExpand
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MMIC power amplifiers as local oscillator drivers for FIRST
The Heterodyne Instrument for the Far-Infrared and Sub- millimeter Telescope requires local oscillators well into the terahertz frequency range. The mechanism to realize the local oscillators willExpand
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The Frame-less Membrane: A Novel Technology for THz Circuits
A novel GaAs based Schottky diode fabrication process has been developed that enables increased design flexibility and robust implementation of monolithic circuits well into the THz frequency range.Expand
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Governance of national space activities
Abstract Senior political and space agency personnel joined representatives of industry and other space-related institutions for a conference, held in Budapest in January 2009, on how best toExpand
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200, 400 and 800 GHz Schottky diode "substrateless" multipliers: design and results
Several sub-millimeter doubler circuits have been designed and built using a new fabrication technology. To reduce the RF losses in the passive circuitry, the substrate under the transmission linesExpand
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Development of millimeter- and submillimeter-wave local oscillator circuits for a space telescope
FIRST (Far InfraRed and Submillimeter Telescope) is a European science mission that will perform photometry and spectroscopy in the 80 - 670 micrometers range. The proposed heterodyne instrument forExpand
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200 and 400 GHz Schottky diode multipliers fabricated with integrated air-dielectric (substrateless) circuitry
A novel semiconductor fabrication process has been developed at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for realizing millimeter and submillimeter-wave monolithic integrated circuits. The process enablesExpand
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A 1.2 THz planar tripler using GaAs membrane based chips
Fabrication technology for submillimeter-wave monolithic circuits has made tremendous progress in recent years and it is now possible to fabricate sub-micron GaAs Schottky devices on a number ofExpand
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