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Law, sex, and Christian society in medieval Europe
This monumental study of medieval law and sexual conduct explores the origin and develpment of the Christian church's sex law and the systems of belief upon which that law rested. Focusing on theExpand
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Males' and Females' Script Debugging Strategies
This paper presents the results from a think-aloud study to see how well end-user programmers’ spreadsheet debugging strategies generalize to a different population and a different paradigm: IT professionals debugging Windows PowerShell scripts. Expand
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The Medieval Origins of the Legal Profession: Canonists, Civilians, and Courts
James A. Brundage's "The Medieval Origins of the Legal Profession" traces the history of legal practice from its genesis in ancient Rome to its rebirth in the early Middle Ages and eventualExpand
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Sumptuary laws and prostitution in late medieval Italy
Abstract Although ancient Roman lawmakers had often adopted statutes designed to curb conspicuous displays of wealth, sumptuary legislation was uncommon in medieval Europe prior to 1300. ThenExpand
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The chronicle of Henry of Livonia
Introduction to the 1961 EditionThe Chronicle of Henry of LivoniaBook OneBook TwoBook ThreeBook Four
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Prostitution, Sexuality, and the Law in Ancient Rome: McGinn, Thomas A. J.: New York: Oxford University Press 416 pp., Publication Date: November 1998
Of course, from childhood to forever, we are always thought to love reading. It is not only reading the lesson book but also reading everything good is the choice of getting new inspirations.Expand
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The Crusades, c.1071-c.1291
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Medieval Canon Law
Law in the early Christian Church canon law in the early Middle Ages Gratian and the schools of law in the classical period, 1140-1375 canon law and private life canon law and public life canonicalExpand
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