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Strategic Interaction Among Governments: An Overview of Empirical Studies
This article provides an overview of empirical models of strategic interaction among governments. To clarify the theoretical roots of such studies, the discussion shows how the empirical frameworksExpand
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Urban Sprawl: Diagnosis and Remedies
This article argues that urban spatial expansion results mainly from three powerful forces: a growing population, rising incomes, and falling commuting costs. Urban growth occurring purely inExpand
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Airport Congestion When Carriers Have Market Power
This paper analyzes airport congestion when carriers are nonatomistic, showing how the results of the road-pricing literature are modified when the economic agents causing congestion have marketExpand
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A principal challenge facing the urban economist is the formulation of a rigorous economic explanation for a variety of observed regularities in the spatial structures of real-world cities. The mostExpand
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Why is central Paris rich and downtown Detroit poor?: An amenity-based theory
This paper presents an amenity-based theory of location by income. The theory shows that the relative location of different income groups depends on the spatial pattern of amenities in a city. WhenExpand
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Do Local Governments Engage in Strategic Property-Tax Competition?
This paper uses spatial econometric methods to investigate property-tax competition among local governments. The theoretical model is drawn from the literature on tax competition, in which localExpand
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The economics of international codesharing: an analysis of airline alliances
Abstract International airline alliances allow airlines to coordinate their operations in providing international service. This paper analyzes the effect of such alliances on traffic levels, fares,Expand
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Airline Traffic and Urban Economic Development
This paper provides new evidence on the link between airline traffic and employment in US metropolitan areas. The evidence confirms the common view that good airline service is an important factor inExpand
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Testing for Strategic Interaction Among Local Governments: The Case of Growth Controls
This paper helps to fill a gap in the public economics literature by providing empirical evidence on strategic interaction among local governments. Using the methodology of Case et al. ( Journal ofExpand
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Welfare Reform and the Race to the Bottom: Theory and Evidence
Economists have argued that welfare migration leads to a race to the bottom in the choice of welfare benefits. Although a system of federal matching grants can remedy this problem, the recent welfareExpand
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