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Toward a metabolic theory of ecology
Metabolism provides a basis for using first principles of physics, chemistry, and biology to link the biology of individual organisms to the ecology of populations, communities, and ecosystems.Expand
A General Model for the Origin of Allometric Scaling Laws in Biology
Allometric scaling relations, including the 3/4 power law for metabolic rates, are characteristic of all organisms and are here derived from a general model that describes how essential materials areExpand
A general model for the structure and allometry of plant vascular systems
Vascular plants vary in size by about twelve orders of magnitude, and a single individual sequoia spans nearly this entire range as it grows from a seedling to a mature tree. Size influences nearlyExpand
A general model for ontogenetic growth
Several equations have been proposed to describe ontogenetic growth trajectories for organisms justified primarily on the goodness of fit rather than on any biological mechanism. Here, we derive aExpand
The fourth dimension of life: fractal geometry and allometric scaling of organisms.
Fractal-like networks effectively endow life with an additional fourth spatial dimension. This is the origin of quarter-power scaling that is so pervasive in biology. Organisms have evolvedExpand
The predominance of quarter-power scaling in biology
Summary 1. Recent studies have resurrected the debate over the value for the allometric scaling exponent that relates whole-organism metabolic rate to body size. Is it 3 / 4 or 2 / 3 ? This questionExpand
Feedback with soil biota contributes to plant rarity and invasiveness in communities
Science 286, 2165–2169 (1999). 23. Ochman, H. & Moran, N. A. Genes lost and genes found: Evolution of bacterial pathogenesis and symbiosis. Science 292, 1096–1099 (2001). 24. Brosius, J., Dull, T J.Expand
Effects of Body Size and Temperature on Population Growth
For at least 200 years, since the time of Malthus, population growth has been recognized as providing a critical link between the performance of individual organisms and the ecology and evolution ofExpand
Allometric scaling of plant energetics and population density
Scaling relationships that describe variation in population density with body size in ecological communities, such as the thinning law in plant ecology, can be explained in terms of how individualsExpand
Linking the global carbon cycle to individual metabolism
Summary 1. We present a model that yields ecosystem-level predictions of the flux, storage and turnover of carbon in three important pools (autotrophs, decomposers, labile soil C) based on theExpand