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Organizational Learning and Communities-of-Practice: Toward a Unified View of Working, Learning, and Innovation
Recent ethnographic studies of workplace practices indicate that the ways people actually work usually differ fundamentally from the ways organizations describe that work in manuals, trainingExpand
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Bridging epistemologies: The generative dance between organizational knowledge and organizational knowing
Bridgin Epistemologies: The Generative Dance between Organizational Knowledge and Organizational Knowing - Much current work on organizational knowledge, intellectual capital, knowledge-creatingExpand
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Cognitive apprenticeship: Teaching the crafts of reading, writing, and mathematics
This paper attempts to elucidate some of those implications through a proposal for the retooling of apprenticeship methods for the teaching and learning of cognitive skills. Expand
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The Social Life of Information
From the Publisher: For years pundits have predicted that information technology will obliterate the need for almost everything--from travel to supermarkets to business organizations to social lifeExpand
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Organizing Knowledge
have a doubtful future in the information economy. The new technologies that are helping to define this new economy are simultaneously battering the venerable institutions of the old economy—theExpand
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Organisational Learning and Communities-of-Practice
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Knowledge and Organization
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Research that reinvents the corporation
It's not enough to create new products. You need to build the prototype of the continuously innovating company.
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Merging Professional Service Firms
The prevailing theory of mergers is that firms emphasize considerations of “strategic fit” in discussions prior to merger activity, and neglect considerations of “organizational fit”. The result isExpand
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Your Next IT Strategy
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