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Phylogenetic relationships of conifers inferred from partial 28S rRNA gene sequences.
The conifers, which traditionally comprise seven families, are the largest and most diverse group of living gymnosperms. Efforts to systematize this diversity without a cladistic phylogeneticExpand
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Droplet evaporation study applied to DNA chip manufacturing.
DNA chips are potentially powerful technologies for genotyping and gene expression profiling that rely on comparative analyses of up to thousands of "spots of analysis" on a glass support. The spotExpand
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Liquid lens based on electrowetting: actual developments on larger aperture and multiple electrodes design for image stabilization or beam steering
This paper presents experimental results on several liquid lenses based on Electrowetting which are commercially available. It will be shown that larger aperture lenses are basically of the sameExpand
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New data on the Silurian-Devonian palaeontology and biostratigraphy of Bolivia
In order to precisely establish the bio- and chronostratigraphic position of several levels of the Silurian-Devonian succession of Bolivia, with respect to the International Time Scale, additionalExpand
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[Lipids from fossil plants and their relation to modern plants. Example s of Cenomanian flora from Anjou and Bohemia].
Comparative analyses of lipids from fossil plants and from their extant counterparts were undertaken in order to test the taxonomic significance of lipids in palaeobotany. The comparison betweenExpand
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High-throughput site-directed mutagenesis using oligonucleotides synthesized on DNA chips.
Site-directed mutagenesis has greatly helped researchers both to understand the precise role of specific residues in coding sequences and to generate variants of proteins that have acquired newExpand
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In Situ and Ex Situ Fabrication of DNA Chips by Microdeposition
DNA chips are devices associating the specific recognition properties of two DNA single strands through hybridisation process with the performance of microtechnology. It is expected that the use ofExpand