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Gas chromatographic quality control for oil of Melaleuca terpinen-4-ol type (Australian tea tree)
Detailed GC and GC-MS analyses of oil of Melaleuca have identified several constituents not previously reported from Melaleuca alternifolia and clarified some earlier assignments. The range, mean,
Antiherbivore Chemistry of Eucalyptus--Cues and Deterrents for Marsupial Folivores
This work describes significant qualitative and quantitative variation in FPCs in several species that are important food sources for marsupial folivores and finds strong positive correlations between terpenes generally, and several monoterpenes in particular, and F PCs.
Volatile leaf oils of some Queensland and northern Australian species of the genus Eucalyptus (series II). Part II. Subgenera (a) Blakella, (b) Corymbia, (c) Unnamed, (d) Idiogenes, (e) Monocalyptus
The volatile leaf oils of Eucalyptus tessellaris F. Muell., E. gummifera (Sol. ex. Gaertner) Hochr., E. bleeseri Blakely, E. umbonata D. Carr & S. Carr, E. lenziana D. Carr & S. Carr, E. hamersleyana
Chemistry and Antimicrobial Activity of the Essential Oils from Ripe and Unripe fruits of the Fijian Morinda citrifolia (noni/kura) Rubiaceae
Abstract The volatile compounds, obtained by steam distillation of the ripe and unripe fruits of the Fijian variety of Morinda citriflora, have been investigated. This species, known in Fiji as
Volatile Leaf Oils of some South‐western and Southern Australian Species of the Genus Eucalyptus (Series I). Part XIV. Subgenus Monocalyptus
The volatile leaf oils of Eucalyptus jacksonii Maiden, E. patens Benth., E. diversifolia Bonpl., E. pachyloma Benth., E. suberea Brooker & Hopper, E. insularis Brooker, E. buprestium F. Muell., E.
Essential oils from fijian Ocimum basilicum L
The composition of the steam-volatile leaf oils of Fijian Ocimum basilicum L. (sweet basil) has been determined by the use of capillary gas-liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry. The major
A comparative study of the seedling leaf oils of the spotted gums: species of the Corymbia (Myrtaceae), section Politaria
The major findings were the clear separation of C. maculata populations from other members of the group based on chemical composition of their seedling leaf oils, and Corymbia citriodora was also unambiguously separated from other group members through the presence of citronellal andcitronellol.