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Prophylactic instillation therapy of superficial bladder cancer. A randomized study comparing mitomycin C and adriamycin with special reference to DNA ploidy.
Sixty patients with Ta and T1 bladder cancer were randomized between treatment with resection only and resection and instillations with either Adriamycin or Mitomycin C. Treatment lasted for one yearExpand
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The role of sensory nerves in catheter-induced urethral inflammation.
We have studied the contribution of the nervous system on experimentally induced urethral inflammation in the rat. Urethral inflammation was produced by inserting latex strips into the urethra. TheExpand
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Immunocytochemical Detection of the Androgen Receptor In Fine Needle Aspirates From Benign and Malignant Human Prostate
A monoclonal antibody to the androgen receptor was applied to fine needle aspirates from patients with benign and malignant prostatic disease. the series includes six patients with benign hyperplasiaExpand
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Steroid receptor profile in human prostate cancer metastases as compared with primary prostatic carcinoma
The steroid receptor profile in seven prostate cancer metastases was compared with the profile in seven primary prostate cancers. The secondaries were all lymph node metastases, obtained duringExpand
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The effect of one prophylactic dosage of antibiotics on experimentally induced lethal intraabdominal sepsis.
In order to study the effect of one preoperative dosage of antibiotic on the mortality rate, incidence of abscesses, adhesions and intraperitoneal fluid, a previously described reproducibleExpand
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Microassays for androgen and progesterone receptor quantitation as compared with standard saturation analyses in human prostatic tissues
SummarySimultaneous measurement of androgen and progesterone receptor content in cytosol and salt extractable nuclear subcompartments of benign hyperplastic prostatic tissue was carried out withExpand
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A comparison between netilmicin with metronidazole and doxycycline as prophylaxis in elective colorectal surgery.
The aim of this study was to compare the prophylactic effects of netilmicin plus metronidazole administered for one day and of doxycycline administered for five days on the incidence of postoperativeExpand
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Steroid receptor profile and receptor stability in subfractions of human prostatic tissues
SummaryAndrogen (AR), progesterone (PR), and estrogen (ER) receptor contents in cytosol and salt-extractable nuclear subcompartments from 6 normal, 39 benign hyperplastic (BPH), and 7 malignantExpand
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To be or not to be. Reducing language traps in the rehabilitation process.