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Dendroclimatic analysis of Acer saccharum, Fagus grandifolia, and Tsuga canadensis from an old- growth forest, southwestern Quebec
Radial growth of three tree species from an old-growth forest, in southwestern Quebec was compared using a dendroclimatic approach and it is suggested early summer water balance limits the growth of these species on this site.
Influence of macrophyte species on microbial density and activity in constructed wetlands.
The results show that microbial density and activity are higher in the presence of plants, with significantly higher values associated with Phalaris arundinacea.
Strategies for a successful plant invasion: the reproduction of Phragmites australis in north‐eastern North America
This study suggests that long-distance dispersal by seeds is important for the common reed, in marshes and roadsides, while both seeds and plant fragments contribute to short- distance dispersal along roads, at least in regions where the species is already abundant.
Fire Regime in Red Pine Stands at the Northern Limit of the Species' Range
In order to define more precisely the fire regime prevailing in red pine stands, and to evaluate its effect on the maintenance of marginal populations in the boreal forest, we documented the