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Verbal protocol accuracy in fault diagnosis.
It is suggested that, where possible, concurrent verbal reports should be collected when trying to get a better understanding of the nature of the fault diagnostic process.
On the Nature of Radiation Damage in Metals
The nature of the permanent damage retained in metals from irradiation has been investigated in somewhat greater detail than has been done in the past. The usual assumption has been that the damage
Production of Atomic Displacements by High-Energy Particles
The processes by which atoms in solids are displaced from their normal positions by high-energy neutrons, cyclotron particles, and electrons are discussed. A radiation damage model is presented which
Noise and Vigilance: An Evaluative Review
The literature on the effects of noise on monitoring performance shows a disappointing lack of consistency in results. The hypothesis of the present study was that task classification in terms of
Processing Demands, Effort, and Individual Differences in Four Different Vigilance Tasks
In an attempt to specify the limiting conditions of the taxonomy of vigilance tasks, four tasks differing in memory load and in stimuli employed (sensory or cognitive) were compared. Electrodermal
Through a Glass Darkly Esarhaddon's Retrospects on the Downfall of Babylon
THE READER OF ESARHADDON's BABYLON INSCRIPTIONS is inevitably struck by a curious omission: the downfall of the city is recounted without reference to its harsh destruction by the Assyrian army ten