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Atomic Collisions and Spectra
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Triply-differential cross sections for ionisation of hydrogen atoms by electrons and positrons
A derivation is given of the exact form of the three-body Coulomb wavefunction in the asymptotic region where the separation of all particles tends to infinity. Using a modification of the method ofExpand
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TOPICAL REVIEW: Differential cross sections for photo-double-ionization of the helium atom
A rather complete understanding is emerging of the process of full fragmentation of the helium atom following absorption of a single photon. In this review the major experimental and theoreticalExpand
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Time dependence in quantum mechanics
Abstract:It is shown that the time-dependent equations (Schrödinger and Dirac) for a quantum system can be derived from the time-independent equation for the larger object of the system interactingExpand
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On the Derivation of the Time-Dependent Equation of Schrödinger
Few have done more than Martin Gutzwiller to clarify the connection between classical time-dependent motion and the time-independent states of quantum systems. Hence it seems appropriate to includeExpand
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Equivalent emergence of time dependence in classical and quantum mechanics
Beginning with the principle that a closed mechanical composite system is timeless, time can be defined by the regular changes in a suitable position coordinate (clock) in the observing part, whenExpand
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Vibronic energies and spectra of molecular dimers.
We consider three distinct methods of calculating the vibronic levels and absorption spectra of molecular dimers coupled by dipole-dipole interactions. The first method is direct diagonalization ofExpand
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Evaluating the effectiveness and reliability of the Vibrant Soundbridge and Bonebridge auditory implants in clinical practice: Study design and methods for a multi-centre longitudinal observational
Background The Vibrant Soundbridge middle ear implant and the Bonebridge bone conducting hearing device are hearing implants that use radio frequency transmission to send information from the soundExpand
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Doubly differential cross sections for electron-loss in ion-atom collisions
The doubly differential cross section for electron loss from the projectile in fast atomic collisions is obtained from a transformation to the laboratory frame of the corresponding Born cross sectionExpand
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