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72% of online adults are social networking site users
This report finds that one of the more striking stories about the social networking population has been the growth among older internet users in recent years. Overview The Pew Research Center'sExpand
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Gender and social reproduction: historical perspectives.
It is argued that gender relations and social reproduction were both shaped by macrohistorical processes and shaped the processes. Social reproduction is defined within feminist theory as more thanExpand
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Beyond the Fragments: Feminism and the Making of Socialism.
New Introduction(2012) - Beyond the Fragments, Sheila Rowbotham Reporting back(2012), Hilary Wainwright Today, Yesterday & Tomorrow: Between Rebellion and Coalition Building(2012), Lynne Segal.Expand
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Women and the Politics of Class
"Johanna Brenner writes with a clarity of purpose that arises out of a lifetime of participation in the struggles of working-class women. A major voice on the American left.""--Mike Davis, May 2000"Expand
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This article argues that changes in the organization of social reproduction, defined to include the activities, attitudes, behaviors, emotions, responsibilities, and relationships involved inExpand
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Rethinking Women’s Oppression
The past decade has witnessed an extraordinary flowering of Marxist-feminist analysis and debate. Michèle Barrett’s Women’s Oppression Today is an ambitious recent attempt to present and synthesizeExpand
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Utopian thought: Re-visioning gender, family, and community
Utopian ideals are vital to sustained engagement in the struggle to create a better society. However, the problematic aspects of utopian traditions also need to be addressed as part of the work ofExpand
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