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Identification of volatile compounds released by roots of an invasive plant, bitou bush (Chrysanthemoides monilifera spp. rotundata), and their inhibition of native seedling growth
Evidence is presented to suggest that bitou bush exudes low molecular weight volatile compounds into the soil which inhibit native plant seedling growth and is likely to create space and contribute to the invasion of bitoubush on the eastern Australian coast. Expand
Chemical defense in the egg masses of benthic invertebrates: an assessment of antibacterial activity in 39 mollusks and 4 polychaetes.
The results of this study indicate that a wide range of invertebrates use chemical defense to protect their early stage embryos against bacterial infection. Expand
Free fatty acids and sterols in the benthic spawn of aquatic molluscs, and their associated antimicrobial properties
This is the first study to demonstrate that unsaturated fatty acids possess significant bacteriolytic activity against four aquatic pathogens, and could explain the antimicrobial activity previously reported in lipid extracts of some, but not most, molluscan spawn. Expand
An adsorption and kinetic study of lac dyeing on silk
Adsorption and kinetic studies of lac dyeing of silk were investigated using, as optimal conditions, a pH of 3.0, a material to liquor ratio (MLR) of 1:100, an initial dye concentration of 450 mg/LExpand
Initial Studies on Alkaloids from Lombok Medicinal Plants
  • S. Hadi, J. Bremner
  • Biology
  • Molecules : A Journal of Synthetic Chemistry and…
  • 16 January 2001
Initial investigation of medicinal plants from Lombok has resulted in the collection of 100 plant species predicted to have antimicrobial, including antimalarial, properties according to local medicinal uses, which have been selected for further investigation involving structure elucidation and antimicrobial testing on the extracted alkaloids. Expand
In vitro cytotoxicity evaluation of some substituted isatin derivatives.
Results indicate that di- and tri-substituted isatins may be useful leads for anticancer drug development in the future. Expand
Berberine-INF55 (5-Nitro-2-Phenylindole) Hybrid Antimicrobials: Effects of Varying the Relative Orientation of the Berberine and INF55 Components
ABSTRACT Hybrid antimicrobials containing an antibacterial linked to a multidrug resistance (MDR) pump inhibitor make up a promising new class of agents for countering efflux-mediated bacterial drugExpand
Adsorption kinetic study of lac dyeing on cotton
Adsorption kinetics study of lac dyeing on cotton were carried out under dyeing conditions of pH 3.0, MLR 1:100 and an initial dye concentration 480 ± 10 mg/L. Pseudo first- and second-order kineticExpand
Chemical Constituents and Biological Activities of Chromolaena odorata
The biological activities of crude extracts of Chromolaena odorata, collected from Thapho, Muang district, Phitsanulok Province, Thailand were investigated. It is evident that, the DCM/ water extractExpand
An investigation into the cytotoxicity and mode of action of some novel N-alkyl-substituted isatins.
A range of substituted N-alkylisatins were synthesized and their cytotoxicity evaluated against several cancer cell lines in vitro. SAR studies indicated that the introduction of an aromatic ringExpand